However, too many don't vote

Why You Should Change your vote?

Nov 2nd 2023

At the moment we are listening on a daily basis about the ineffectiveness of the Westminster 650, their advisers and civil servants to come to grips with the Covid pandemic. The pandemic was not that long ago so many of us can remember politicians being in full blown "headless chicken" mode for all of that period of time.

In one of its recent editorials, the Times sums up the situation very precisely. The Covid inquiry has shown that Britain is badly served by a system which "promotes slippery amateurs into positions demanding integrity, professionalism and expertise". The paper went on, that when the pandemic struck, the closest advisers to the prime minister were people whose "claim to power was based purely on their success in managing campaigns".

If anyone seriously believes that the Covid enquiry revelations about government in the UK are a one-off situation they are deluding themselves. Politicians are people and as we all know, everyone of us has traits and habits that make us who we are. During this enquiry we are seeing the exposure of how all decisions are reached in Westminster. Shambolic is a word that is commonly used to describe political decision making in the UK.

This is the norm.

We must also remember that for the last 40 years the UK was ruled by Germany and France like the rest of the EU. All you had to do as a British politician was rubber stamp EU laws and rules and concentrate on fiddling your expenses.

In less than two years of the UK ruling itself we have gone straight back to pre-EU days. High inflation, high interest rates, with no end in sight for either, high energy costs, high fuel prices and widespread strikes - unheard of for many years. No doubt you could add to the list. To be fair the government has created a new phenomenon that was never seen in the 1970's - foodbanks and warm spaces.

Those of us who were around in the pre-EU days and can remember what it was like in the UK know we really are between a rock and a hard place. History and experience tells us that ineptitude and incompetence is rife in the Conservative and Labour parties. No doubt one of them will win the next election but the electorate will be the loser as we will face 5 years of no movement on the only issue that is of importance, Climate Change.

Since "Fortune favours the bold" you might change and vote for a party like the Green Party which will be uncomfortable for many of us but they are not the Conservatives or Labour who have ruled the UK since 1915. During this time both parties have constantly put the people second.